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Painting for Curb Appeal Denver CO

Thinking about Selling your Home? Paint for Curb Appeal!

There’s always a good reason to paint the exterior of your home. Whether you are looking to freshen up the look of your home, or you are putting your house on the market, there are many ways to add to your curb appeal with paint. Painting is far less costly than many other home improvements or enhancements, and it gives an instant uplift and a clean appearance.

Initial Assessment

Hiring a Denver Painter guarantees that the exterior paint project gets done professionally and in a timely fashion. Our painters are knowledgeable about the current color trends and what colors will work for certain home interiors an exteriors. To get the exterior painting project started a Denver painter will meet with the client during the initial assessment and discuss the client’s ideas for the project and the overall expected outcome. The right colors can really add a zest to your exterior. In Denver, exterior painting usually last between 10 and 25 years, depending on the environment and climate conditions.

Things to Consider

Before taking on a painting project there are a few things worth considering. Determine if the windows, siding or other areas need repair or replacement. Siding and window exteriors should be free of deterioration. Painting over windows or siding in poor condition is a waste of money. Before the exterior painting project begins, gutters and roof should also be clear and in good shape. By doing projects in a logical order, it not only cut costs, but it can also help with the unity of the project in the end. If a house has a fresh coat of paint, but the windows are in poor condition, it will hinder the overall project. When hiring a painter in Denver, it is beneficial to have a professional who has construction experience; they will likely have a strong eye for visualizing the end project.

Getting started on your next painting project is easy. Contact Patryk at Contemporary Painting direct for a FREE estimate (303)472 -8833.

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