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Interior Painting

The right paint job can give your home’s interior a whole new look–for less than the cost of a new sofa. Similarly, faded, peeling, or drab walls take away from any furnishings or decorations, making your interiors appear gloomy and depressing. At Denver Paint, we know firsthand what a difference a good paint job can make. Our team of expert painters will consult with you along every step of the process, from proposal evaluation to color selection to paint prep to finish.

Painting services offered:

Painting prep:

  • Drop cloths: We protect your furniture and floors with lightweight plastic and butyl-backed drop cloths.
  • Wall fixture removal: We take down everything on your walls, and put it all back when we’re through.
  • Masking: We cover all your trim, windows, and doors with masking tape, protecting them and ensuring clean edges.
  • Wall cleaning and mildew removal: We get your walls squeaky clean and mildew-free before we paint!

Painting: Our team will work with you to find the perfect color(s), taking into account room size, function, and desired decor. We use brushes, rolls, and spray paint to ensure that every surface is neatly and evenly coated. In addition to walls, we paint floors, wainscotting, cabinets, ceilings, and windows

  • Brick walls: Bricks don’t have to stay red—we can sponge paint them in all the colors of the rainbow.
  • Paneling: With our array of brushes and adhesive primers, we hit every groove.
  • Texture paint: Roll-on, Grasscloth, Painted Canvas and more.
  • Accent walls: Painting only one wall will add a sophisticated burst of color to the whole room.
  • Trim: Painted wainscotting, cabinets, and windows give any home a homey feel and broadcast your attention to detail to all admirers.

Make your paint job really shine with decorative finishes. We offer speckling, fabric, leather and suede glazes, textures, and faux-finishes.

Call us for a free estimate and color consultation today!

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