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Deck Painting Denver CO

Deck Painting & Staining Denver Colorado

House Painting in Denver area is not just limited to interior painting or exterior painting, especially when homeowners have decks. With the intense sun and the dry, cold winters in Colorado, it is important to protect the deck with proper maintenance to avoid early deterioration of the deck and deck replacement. A fresh paint, or stain on the deck protects it from drying out and help extend the lifetime of the deck. Different types of wood combined with deck sealer yield different results; some decks may require annual upkeep, and some can be done every other year or so.

Deck Stains & Paints

There are two major deck paint and stain options. A Solid Body Deck Stain appears as a normal deck paint; it has a high solid content, not allowing much of the paint color to penetrate the surface.  The Solid Body Stain has anti-mildew agents in the product, so it also extends the lifetime of the deck by protecting the wood from rotting. The product comes in a multitude of colors, allowing for a more individualized and uniform outcome for the overall paint project. A high quality Solid Body Stain for Colorado’s climate is Sherwin Williams XYZ.

The other stain option is to use a Deck Stain which shows a tint but is not a solid color. A semi-transparent stain like this showcases the beauty of the wood, while still protecting it. This type of stain goes further into the wood to protect it, and it usually has a linseed oil-based stain finish. This finish deters water from sitting on the deck and deteriorating the wood. The semi-transparent stain does not have the large selection of colors that the solid body deck stain does, but it has a nice selection of natural colors to enhance your beautiful wooden deck.

Deck Staining – Wood / Products

It is important to do the research relevant to the type of wood you want painted, as there are many products to choose from. Some products are a lower cost, but may need annual applications, or multiple coats in the initial application. Regardless of which stain products are used, deck stains in Colorado need regular upkeep to increase the lifetime of the deck.

For all deck painting needs from cleaning to professional finishes, as well as for other painting services in the Denver  area contact Contemporary Painting, LLC for a FREE estimate. We deliver quality painting and deck restoration services, and we can recommend a stain that will work best with the wood and the deck while also complimenting the other details of the structure.

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